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2 years ago
What then she talk about abuse all them slaps this bitch not getting my sympathy she a slut
Gully Don 2 years ago
This is probably the man that she’s confusing majah hype for messing up her face
Gaza Don 2 years ago
Only The Sluts and dumb bitches is feeling bad for her, Majah Should’ve gave her 3 more punches in her face
KillaPuff 1 year ago
Dont Wife Sluts You a Nasty Bitch Me feel sorry fi Majah Hype That Gal yah wah some Kick ah Boxs Nuh like that still;Then she a Cry Wolf What a Wicked Clout chaseing Freaky GAL DAMN DROP THAT BITCH MAJAH HYPE MEK she FREAK BY HAR DAMN SELF WICKED PUSSYCLAAAAAAAAATH GAL CANT TURN A Whore ina HouseWife